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  • kevin sturm

    kevin sturm

    I live in Northern Virginia

  • Jon Lazarow

    Jon Lazarow

    St. Louis, MO

    Certified FocalPoint Business and Executive Coach Jon serves others by cultivating care and compassion to show people the dignity they deserve while making the world a better place to live. As a trusted executive for over 30 years in mid-sized/Fortune…

  • Greg Pestinger

    Greg Pestinger

    Louisville, KY and Vail, CO

  • Stephen Doyle Jr

    Stephen Doyle Jr

    Detroit, Michigan, Global

  • Kristen Woods

    Kristen Woods

    Ontario, CA

    Kristen Woods is a certified business and executive coach focused on partnering with leaders to make their organizations thrive by sharpening their communication skills, optimizing team performance, and fostering cultures that attract and retain talent.  In addition, she integrates personal…

  • Janice Bloudoff

    Janice Bloudoff

    Northern California

  • Michael Viane

    Michael Viane

    Southern California

  • Steve Goble

    Steve Goble

    Central Pennsylvania

  • Patsy McFadden

    Patsy McFadden

    SW United States

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