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Drive Performance Through Trust

A learning development system to accelerate performance,
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-Rick Doucet, CEO, Community Reach Center

Our Proven System



Discover the Trust Edge™ through dynamic keynotes and workshops, industry-leading research, bestselling books, and videos. "Inspire" is a key step to shift thinking around trust and engage your leaders.

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What is "inspire"?

People seldom talk about trust as a competency to learn and practice. That is why Inspire is a great place to start. We inspire and shift thinking about trust through unforgettable keynotes full of actionable takeaways. By inspiring your organization with a Trust Edge keynote, you can create buy-in, motivate team members, and set the stage for culture transformation. Energize and inspire your organization by booking David to speak for an upcoming event.

Trust is a fundamental, bottom-line issue that leads to greater creativity, productivity, freedom, and results. In a captivating presentation that blends humor, story-telling, research, and insight, David Horsager shares what it takes to gain--and keep--The Trust Edge. Attendees will leave with tools they can use immediately.


  • Increased profits due to high-trust relationships with colleagues and customers
  • Heightened morale, energy, and unity
  • Empowered team or organization with actionable strategies to build trust and get more done on a daily basis
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved customer loyalty
  • Created more successful brands

The Trust Edge presentation delivers:

  • Rich, customized content that motivates, inspires, and entertains
  • Usable tips and real-world tactics participants can implement immediately
  • COMPLIMENTARY follow-up program for greater impact (includes a 10-week video series)
  • Academic and business research, backed up with managerial and entrepreneurial experience
  • Professionalism on and off the stage


We help you solve your challenges with the Enterprise Trust Index™ (ETI). The ETI benchmarks levels of trust and gives valuable insight to a clear path forward, and accelerate results and performance.

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What is "clarify"?

The Enterprise Trust Index™ (ETI) is a powerful online analysis tool that provides a clear picture of trust throughout your organization. From the analytics, you will be able to drill down into specific data across locations and departments to recognize key drivers impacting current levels of trust.

We help gather the data and make it easy for you and your team. Real people read through every result and present a customized plan to grow performance in your organization.


The Enterprise Trust Index enables you and your leadership team to quickly identify and understand areas that can be improved in order to take best actions that will build trust and drive results.

  • Locate specific areas where trust levels are high and other areas that can be developed to immediately impact the bottom line
  • Assess the effectiveness of current initiatives to determine what is actually working
  • Utilize the baseline on trust levels to compare results over time, across departments, locations, and levels
  • Recognize skilled leaders or emerging leaders who are building trust in a positive way
  • Build a more committed workplace and culture of trust


Align your team, gain a common language and build a high performing, high trust culture with Trust Edge training. Attend the 1-Day Workshop or become a Trust Edge Coach with the 2-Day Coaching Certification.

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What is "equipping"?

To be equipped is to have the tools needed to build an aligned culture where people can be their best and deliver high level performance and results.

Individuals within your organization become Trust Edge Certified Coaches through an intensive 2-day program. These individuals, once certified, can:

  • Facilitate workshops to increase alignment and performance across departments
  • Utilize assessments to track progress, see gaps and close them
  • Implement trust strategies like the 90-Day Quick Plan™, the How? How? How? Strategy™, and the Six-Step Accountability Framework™
  • And a whole lot more



  • Certified internal leaders are able to customize and integrate the Trust Edge concepts to your organization's specific circumstances, goals, and challenges
  • Increased alignment and performance
  • Strengthened relationships between leadership and organization members
  • Decreased turnover and a high-trust culture
  • Leveraged internal training resources to suit your needs

What makes Trust Edge™ so different?

A lack of trust is your biggest expense. It may take years for a manager or an executive to develop the trust of his or her employees, but only moments to lose. Without trust, transactions cannot occur. Without trust, influence is destroyed. Without trust, leaders lose teams. Without trust, people lose sales. Without trust, organizations lose productivity, relationships, reputation, talent, customer loyalty, creativity, morale, revenue, and results. Indeed trust, not money, is the currency of business.





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People seldom talk about trust as a competency to learn and practice. That is changing. Trust has found its way into the public limelight. From massive fraud in business to scandals in politics and athletics, the headlines point to a persistent problem of modern life and business—we’re lacking in trust.

The Trust Edge™ was developed by David Horsager, author of multiple bestselling books The Trust Edge™ and The Daily Edge™. David has researched trust for decades and oversees the largest national study on trust: The Trust Outlook™. He has shared the Trust Edge™ message on six continents from Verizon and FedEx to the New York Yankees and Department of Homeland Security.

From certifications and workshops to dynamic keynotes and ongoing ambassador programs to sustain change, the Trust Edge™ will: 1. Deliver a proven system to build trust that has been used in Fortune 100 companies to professional sports franchises to global governments. You will understand how the 8-Pillar Framework works and why it is the most powerful tool to sustain change and increase performance. 2. Reveal how this system has been used by top leaders and organizations to see measurable results and 3. Accelerate trust in your most important relationships with clients, employees, boards, and key stakeholders.

If customers don't trust you, they will select an alternative provider. Once you start building trust, your results will increase, your influence will grow, and your relationships will thrive. Leaders that become most trusted in their industry have the respect of their peers and are the most successful. Register for the Trust Edge™ Certification today and spend 3 days discovering and building your Trust Edge™. Why? Because every good relationship you have is built on trust.

“The Trust Edge™ was of vital importance on multiple levels. It impacted both our internal relationships, outreach to the community, interactions with students, and how we engage with the larger system


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