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Oxford, Alabama

Russell Calloway

Certified Partner

With over three decades of seasoned leadership experience, I bring a wealth of expertise in people development and business administration. As a certified Practitioner with the Herrmann Whole Brain Thinking Group and a Certified Partner of the Trust Edge Leadership Institute, my approach to leadership is grounded in both strategic thinking and the cultivation of trust.


Having immersed myself in the teachings of renowned leadership luminaries such as Dr. John C Maxwell, Simon Sinek, Brene Brown, Dr Nido Qubein, Chancellor Chris Hodges, Collins, Covey and many others, allows me to synthesize diverse perspectives into a comprehensive leadership philosophy. My style is characterized by clear communication, intentional engagement, courageousness, servant-leadership, and unwavering integrity. Understanding the intricacies of Whole Brain Thinking, enables me to leverage cognitive diversity within teams for optimal problem-solving and innovation. The 8 Pillars of Trust, instilled from my association with David Horsager and the Trust Edge Leadership Institute, underscores my commitment to fostering strong, collaborative relationships built on trust within organizations.


Having honed my skills through real-world challenges and continuous learning, I possess a track record of driving organizational success. I am not just a leader but a mentor, inspiring individuals to reach their full potential. The ability to distill complex concepts into actionable strategies has been a cornerstone of my leadership journey. In collaborating with clients, I bring a holistic perspective that integrates the best practices of various thought leaders, along with the principles I have developed over my own journey of practical application.


My vision is to elevate lead teams by instilling a culture of trust, strategic thinking, and authentic leadership. Choosing me to work with your lead team(s) ensures a transformative experience rooted in a rich tapestry of leadership wisdom and practical application.

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