Zack Kass

Trust & AI Expert

With 14 years immersed in Al, Zack Kass not only headed the business partnerships and integration strategies of the world's foremost Al company during its meteoric ascent but has also trained many of the globe's elite business experts. His profound expertise is unmatched, making him a sought-after thought leader in the Al domain. 

Over the years, Kass has honed his ability to translate complex Al capabilities into practical solutions that directly address the pressing challenges of a rapidly evolving technological landscape. His expertise is far from theoretical; it's grounded in real-world experience dealing with dilemmas such as when to build versus buy, how to motivate vendors to utilize Al for problem-solving, and, crucially, how to construct resilient solutions that can adapt to tech innovations that haven't even been conceived yet.

In today's competitive scramble to leverage Al effectively, Kass understands that the 'how' is just as critical as the 'what'.

Execution strategy is a key component in this new-age technological race. His experience has equipped him with the foresight to avoid the typical pitfalls and to spot the opportunities that others may overlook.

Now, Kass is shifting his focus to shine a light on a new facet of the Al narrative. He seeks to showcase how innovative companies across diverse industries worldwide are employing Al to bring about tangible, positive change within their operations and for their employees. With a market saturated by myriad solutions and a lack of real-world execution experience, many businesses fall into the trap of buying into every available Al solution without consideration for practicality or long-term viability.

Kass' experience sets him apart. He is one of the world's foremost authorities on developing and implementing practical, bespoke Al solutions designed to solve problems and deliver value in tangible business environments. His strategies are rooted in experience and practicality, having been tested and proven at scale post-implementation

Kass carries an infectious optimism about Al's potential, a perspective that he is eager to share. His mission is to demystify Al, to inspire with stories of its real-world applications, and to illuminate the path towards an Al-driven future where businesses thrive, and people benefit. By sharing his deep insights, he hopes to move the narrative away from unwarranted fears and towards the tremendous possibilities that Al represents.