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Terry Daniels

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There is always something more.

My journey started as a blue-collar worker in manufacturing and it has been a long road to reach where I am today but it is far from complete. Ever since I was a child, I have felt a calling to do something great in this world. Although the what, when, where, or how is still unfolding, I trust that following my calling will get me where I am supposed to be.

My favorite superhero has always been Superman and although I know I’ll never fly, I've realized that I do have superpowers and one of them is understanding people. In building teams around the world, I began to see that one of my superpowers is to transform situations, transform teams, and transform people. I used this strength to build a very successful corporate career and also a congregation of parishioners looking to do something more for this world.

I also transformed myself. In 2018, I became Dr. Terry Curtis Daniels. After years of working in a high-stress manufacturing position and with a few extra letters behind my name, I knew it was time for a new chapter and found a new way to follow my call to serve others through coaching.

As part of my experience and studies, DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) has become an area of expertise in my coaching too, and although it is only one aspect of what I do, it is hard to deny there is a strong need for more education in this area around the world. I feel a calling to broaden my audience and influence more people to find their superpowers. My aspirations are to embrace more keynote speaking opportunities. I want to speak at levels where I can reach more people and change more lives because no one person will change the world alone.

I currently serve as the Executive Director for The Foundry Christian Community Center and Executive Business Coach providing services such as strategic consultation, mentoring, managing and influencing, workforce planning, talent management, and more. I serve as the Pastor of The Transformation Christian Center. I serve as a father and a husband. I am and will always be many things.

I may not be 25 anymore, but this is the beginning of my story. Every day I write a new chapter. Every week I will publish a new book in the series of my life to which I invite you to be a part. If ever you feel a chapter of my book might hold the answers to your questions or the solutions to your team's challenges, please reach out to me. Until then, I hope you enjoy my journey as much as I am.

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